• Vibrant Smiles for the Class of 2018

  • Graduation Day Teeth WhiteningThe word orthodontist brings to mind images of metal braces and retainers.  But, that’s not all we are about at our Vancouver orthodontist office.  As school comes to an end for many, we want to remind you that we also offer teeth whitening services.  Graduation day is just weeks away for high school and college seniors, making it the perfect time to schedule an appointment with us.

    Whiter Teeth

    A bright smile is a great way to start your next chapter in life.  Some of you will be heading off to college, while others will be entering the workforce.  No matter your next endeavor, you need to look your best.  When you have confidence in your smile, you have confidence in yourself.  It could be the determining factor for that job you want with all your heart.  The Vancouver orthodontist Teeth Whitening procedure is painless and easy and will have your teeth looking whiter in no time.


    How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

    At our Vancouver orthodontist we create trays from an impression of your mouth.  The impression takes only a few minutes in our office.  Once the trays are molded to the shape of your teeth, we create trays that snuggle fit the contour of your mouth.  You’ll be sent home with whitening gel which you can apply as directed.

    Depending on the level of white you want your teeth, wearing times will differ.  Before you head home, our Vancouver orthodontist staff will walk you through your options.  Some patients choose to wear their whitening trays overnight, while others prefer daytime treatments.


    In-home Teeth Whitening Benefits

    The benefit of whitening your teeth at home is convenience.  You can wear your trays when you want to, on your schedule.  Another benefit is the ease of a quick touch-up.  If you have an upcoming event like Graduation Day or a family reunion, most likely you already have the supplies for a quick whitening session.  The trays are designed to be long-lasting and we have gel on-hand should you need to purchase more.  Over the counter teeth whitening solutions found in local pharmacies tend to cause tooth and gum sensitivity.  Talk with our Vancouver orthodontist about the differences and benefits that our treatment offers.


    We are so proud of our graduating seniors and want to make sure your smile shines on your special day.  With the celebration only a few weeks away, call our office to schedule your appointment.  You can also learn more on your Facebook page.  After a quick impression of your teeth in our office, you will be ready to enhance your smile.  Your graduation guests and classmates will notice your bright smile and you will look your best as you receive your diploma.  Congratulations to the graduating class of 2018.  Well done!