• Wearing Braces Shouldn’t Totally Change Your Life

  • beautiful-19075_960_720Wearing braces can be a big change for some of us, but it’s imperative to remember that the benefits we are going to receive after going through all the hassle.  

    Because of this, we can’t just worry about maintaining the actual braces, we must care for our teeth in anticipation of the braces coming off.  Thankfully, these are routines people try to do even without braces. These include: regularly brushing, avoiding certain foods that damage your teeth, and visiting your orthodontist regularly. With braces, you just need to do these things with a bit more care and diligence.

    Clearly, the key thing is to brush your teeth habitually. You will find that your braces will make this a bit more challenging. Even if it seems like an imposition at first, you should try to brush after every meal. In the long run, this will make your life a lot easier in the long run because it’ll be that much easier to remove built up food.

    Something that can help make brushing easier is to shun particularly sugary or acidic foods. 

    Most of us can quickly identify food that is high in sugar. Identifying high acidic food may be more problematic, including:

    • pickles
    • salsa
    • oranges
    • plums

    You can’t reasonably be expected to avoid all sugary and acidity foods until your braces come off, but you can be aware of them. If you end up enjoying them, remember to brush your teeth as soon as possible.

    The last thing is to remember to keep regular appointments with your orthodontist. Frequent checkups ensure that your teeth remain in the best condition possible. If there are any small problems, we will be able to identify them at Columbian Orthodontics. 

     If you need more tips on how to keep your teeth clean with braces, call us at Columbian Orthodontics.