• Use Mouth Guards to Protect Those Pearly Whites

  • soccer-673488_960_720It’s springtime and it’s once again time to remind all of our patients at Columbia Orthodontics to take extra care of their teeth during spring sports. Whether you are wearing braces or not, it is important to protect those pearly whites.

    According to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation, between the millions of children, high-school athletes, and adults out there, more than 5,000,000 teeth are knocked out in sporting activities every year.

    Parents who have children who are going to participate in sports, need to make sure they  have well-fitted mouth guards.

    Just because they have one, does not mean the athletes will always wear them. For this reason, we remind students on a regular basis to care for their teeth and wear their mouth guard.

    Having a mouth guard can make the difference between losing your teeth or not. It is important to remember that a child’s jaws will continue to grow. This means that the mouth guard that was good last year may not fit properly this season.

    To learn more about mouth guards and how to insure a proper fit, give Dr. Croft a call or come on in. We want to make sure you are protected.

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