• Gratitude For Our Patients From Columbia Orthodontics

  • The author G.B. Stern once said, “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”

    She was right. We should never neglect to tell others how much we appreciate them and their contributions to our lives.  At Columbia Orthodontics, we have an extensive list of things we are grateful for.  We are especially grateful for our wonderful patients. They bring stories from their work, school, sports, and hobbies.  Those stories help us get a sense of who our clients are.

    We are also grateful for the wonderful area here in Vancouver. The beauty cannot be surpassed anywhere on earth.

    There are also a lot of little things we are grateful for that may seem frivolous, but they still make our lives easier and in some cases more fun.

    • Portable cell phone chargers—they are great for when your phone dies and you are out and about
    • Netflix
    • Being able to google for an answer
    • A dishwasher
    • Scented candles.
    • Onesies for the newborn babykitten-227009_640
    • Patient teachers
    • Great tasting toothpast.
    • Pizza
    • Soap
    • Flashdrives/thumbdrives/portable hard drives
    • Pillows
    • Trash collectors
    • Batteries
    • Good hair days
    • When someone holds the door for you
    • Kitten videos
    • Office-provided snacks
    • Workout classesburning-candles-background_Mynl4nwu
    • Bubble wrap

    We hope you can find a few things to be grateful for this holiday season.  If you want to be thankful for a beautiful smile, Columbia Orthodontics can help!  Contact us today!