• Everyone Has a Different Project For Their Braces

  • Everyone's teeth are different. We'll take care of yours.

    Everyone’s teeth are different. We’ll take care of yours.

    How many times have you heard the statement: “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is?”

    How many times have you ignored this advice?

    When it comes to someone telling you that they have a faster way to straighten your teeth, keep that phrase in mind.

    If there was a faster way to move teeth, wouldn’t orthodontists, who are the experts in moving teeth, know about and use it. There is no conspiracy to keep you coming back.

    At Columbia Orthodontics, we love our patients, but we still want to see their treatment end. We keep you coming to visit us as long as we need you to. There are no shortcuts to excellent orthodontic results.

    The projected time that your braces will be on, is not just an average quoted by Dr. Croft to every patient, nor is it a number that is determined by the kind of braces or specific treatment technique employed. How long you’ll have your braces on is dependent upon the problems that exist in your mouth at the beginning of treatment and the goals that you and Dr. Croft have for how you want them to look at the end.

    When you come to Columbia Orthodontics we explain what the most feasible projection is. Come in and we’ll talk.