• Only Your Dentist Congratulates You for Flossing

  • Several years ago, I was on a bus with 40 fifth graders and 5 other parent chaperones. We were headed up to the Lelooska Cultural Center for a field trip. Let me explain to you in detail how we got up there. We got on the bus optimistic about the day. Then the bus driver wove quickly up Lewis River Road until we arrive in Ariel, Washington and then he steered the bus along Merwin Village Road until I was so car sick, I couldn’t have disciplined a student without embarrassing myself.

    Besides the nausea and the cultural experience, one thing I remember about this day was how the other students were making fun of a fellow student who obviously had not brushed his teeth.

    I mean we work for an orthodontist, so, of course, we are aware of the need to brush and floss. Interestingly enough, these students were also aware of poor dental hygiene.

    It was no secret to many of these students that their classmate didn’t brush regularly or at least hadn’t brushed that morning. I have no doubt this particular boy didn’t come to school again without brushing. However, forgetting to floss isn’t not nearly as noticeable.

    It’s no secret that many of us simply don’t floss. Unlike brushing, flossing is not something anyone else, except your dentist, is likely to notice that you go without.

    Although, it is worth noting that regular flossing is well known to go a long way in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. While your friends and family are unlikely to complain about you not flossing or compliment you when you do floss,  flossing will make it easier to keep your teeth in your mouth.

    For more tips on proper flossing with braces, be sure to speak with Dr. Croft on you next visit.