• Confident Children Grow Into Productive Adults

  • We are all about helping children grow in to confident adults.

    When kids, teens, and adults like their smile, they will smile more, appear friendlier, and become even more confident. A strong feeling of confidence and self-worth can even translate into academic areas. A confident child might earn better grades or even make friends more easily.

    Confidence is only one of the products of seeking orthodontic care. Successful pediatric orthodontist treatment also can accomplish the following:teenager-1131815_960_720

    • Averted jaw damage
    • Improved speech
    • Improve pronunciation
    • Improve the ability to eat and drink better
    • Increase oral health.


    Children should see a pediatric orthodontist around 7 years of age (10 to 13 years at the latest). This is especially important if there are any of these warning signs.

    • Losing baby teeth earlier or later than the other kids do.
    • Habits such as thumb or finger sucking.
    • Teeth that are very displaced or blocked out.
    • If there consistent biting of the cheek or roof of the mouth.
    • Abnormally meeting of the teeth, or teeth that don’t meet at all.
    • Upper and lower jaw do not match.


    Many serious problems can be treated early by correcting them through techniques like pulling out baby teeth to make room for permanent teeth to erupt. By using early intervention, the time spent in braces can be condensed considerably, the orthodontic cost is lower, and the eventual effects can be better.

    Come on in to Columbia Orthodontics. We can answer any questions you have about what type of treatment your child does or doesn’t need.