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  • April Fool’s Pranks. Some of Which You Should Try

  • Yay, tomorrow is April Fool’s Day.  It can be a really fun time and it is also important to be nice to those you love.

    Here are some classic early morning pranks.

    • One prank we often hear of is a drop of food coloring on a tooth brush. Looking up at green teeth can really freak some people out. This isn’t a prank we are recommending here at Columbia Orthodontics, but we’ve seen it happen.


    • A prank I personally think is funny but takes a little bit of forethought, is to cover the bar of soap with a clear nail polish. The person in the shower will never get a good lather.


    • pop itsMy children used to put those pop-its under the toilet seat so when the first person got up in the morning and sat down there was a mild explosion. Not harmful to anyone and sort of surprising if you aren’t quite awake.


    If you don’t want to get up early, here are a few more pranks for later in the day.

    • remote-control-149842_960_720Place small pieces of clear tape over the sensors on the TV and gaming console remotes. No one will notice the tape, but the games won’t work and the TV won’t come on.


    • Tape an air horn onto the wall protector right behind the door. When someone comes in the room, the door will hit the air horn and the issuing sound should be rather startling.oreos-925659_960_720


    • Replace the white frosting or the Oreos with Toothpaste.


    Whatever prank you choose tomorrow, just be nice and make sure not to damage your braces.

    If you have any concerns about your braces, give us a call at Columbia Orthodontics.