• Don’t Let Little Things Spoil Valentine’s Day

  • When they were little, my children spent several evenings putting names on Valentines. They carefully choose the nice pictures and sayings for those fellow students with which they had the closest connections.

    I often volunteered to help with the elementary school parties where students decorated sugar cookies with red icing and exchanged valentines with their classmates.

    At one party in particular, As I helped in my first grader’s class, an announcement came over the school’s intercom.

    “Could Garrett’s mother, please, go to his classroom?”

    Curious, but not alarmed, I left the crumbling sugar cookies and moved down the hall to the third grade wing.

    My young son looked up sheepishly as I entered the room. He was alone. The rest of the class was crowded around tables on the opposite end of room occasionally glancing at him and then giggling nervously.

    “I think he’s sick,” the teacher suggested.

    “I’m not,” Garrett protested.

    “He threw up,” the teacher explained.

    Eventually, the teacher and I decided Garrett was not contagious, but had eaten too much candy.

    Over the years, Valentine’s Day only got better and better for Garret.  Even when he had braces, he had plenty of Valentines.

    Braces don’t have to hamper your Valentine’s Day fun. A few soft chocolates area fine as long as you remember to brush and floss afterward.

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