• Your Vancouver WA Orthodontist Discusses the Cost Benefits of the Two-Phase Treatment Plan.

  • The last blog post discussed the benefits of using the two-phase treatment plan when you receive orthodontic care. One thing your Vancouver WA Orthodontist wants their customers to be aware of is that using this system can save money.girl-742249_640

    We are proud to offer our patients a guidance program that aims to  help teeth find the best positions. In some situations, this program can be completed with very minimal or no orthodontic treatment. For patients to take part in this program, they will be set up with routine follow up appointments so that Dr. Robert Croft can check on how teeth are coming in. As the process progresses, it may be recommended that baby teeth may be removed if they are not falling out like they should. It is also common for space holding appliances to be used to keep teeth in proper position.

    Even though it may be more cost effective to use the two phase system, we want our patients to know that the end result for any plan you use at Columbia Orthodontics will likely the same. There can be benefits of seeking early treatment and in most cases a second phase will be necessary.

    Your Vancouver WA orthodontist Columbia Orthodontics wants to make sure that their patients receive the best care possible. Click here to read about what to expect at your first visit.