• What Toothpaste is Best For You? Ask Dr. Croft

  • When you go out to buy toothpaste there is an overwhelming array to choose from.  Let’s consider some of the different types of toothpaste.

    What exactly is toothpaste?

    The active ingredients in toothpaste are cleaning and polishing agents (types of abrasives), detergents (to loosen plaque) and fluoride (to protect from cavities) All of these components together help remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth and prevent decay and cavities.

    brushing-teeth-787630_640Types of toothpaste include the following.

    • Tartar control: this type of toothpaste helps prevent further build-up of tartar (hardened plaque), but cannot reach tartar that builds up below the gum line. If tartar collects below the gum line, a deep cleaning or scaling and root planning may be necessary.
    • Sensitive teeth: this toothpaste is low-abrasion, and is gentler on exposed dentin or receding gum lines that cause tooth sensitivity.
    • Whitening: This toothpaste tends to vary in results since they vary in strength. Some that are too strong and may cause damage to your teeth. You need to discuss the use of these toothpastes with Dr. Croft at Columbia Orthodontics.
    • Children’s: :this type of toothpaste contains a smaller amount of fluoride than adult toothpaste.

    No matter which type of toothpaste you choose, you should always choose toothpaste with at least a small amount of fluoride in it to help protect your teeth from cavities. If you have questions or concerns about which type of toothpaste is right for you, give call us at Columbia Orthodontics or discuss the issue with us when you come.