• Summer Fun in Downtown Vancouver

  • Looking for something you and your family will love?  This coming weekend June 27 and 28 is the Recycled Arts Festival at Ester Park in downtown Vancouver. Your kids are gonna love this!

    Come on out and see all of the fun events that are geared just for families including:

    • the juggler
    • a stilt walker
    • An ecological clown

    The following descriptions are on their website.

    The Eccentric Juggler!

    Come see the art made from recycled materials.

    Come see the art made from recycled materials.

    Andrew Barden, The Eccentric Juggler, uplifts people through humor and the performing arts. His stand-up, fall-down, knock-your-socks-off variety entertainment has been described as “more fun than swimming in strawberry jello!”

    Saturday: 9:00–6:00pm, stage show 10:45–11:15am

    Sunday: 10:00–4:00pm, stage show 12:00–12:30pm

    Recycled Instruments with Newel Briggs

    Make a musical instrument from common household items and recyclables with gifted musician and talented teacher, Newel Briggs.

    Saturday: 10:00–12:00 pm and 1:30–3:30 pm

    Sunday: 10:00–12:00 pm and 1:30–3:30 pm

    Eartha the Ecological Clown

    Learn all about wildlife and nature from talking to Eartha! You might even get your face painted! She’s the friendliest clown around.

    Saturday: 11:00–4:00 pm

    Sunday: 11:00–3:00 pm

    Heather Pearl, Stilt Walker

    A funny stilt walker who juggles recycled materials and can help you learn how to do circus tricks!

    Saturday: 11:00–4:00 pm

    Sunday: 10:00–3:00 pm

    Featuring the work of over 150 exceptional artists

    All of the artists at the RAF create their artwork out of at least 75% recycled or reused materials. Be sure to read the sign located at each booth that describes the materials they use and/or why they chose recycled art instead of using new materials.

    Keep enjoying your summer and don’t forget to contact Dr. Croft at Colombia Orthodontics if you have any questions about braces or invisaligns.