• Orthodontic Tips for Back To School

  • Back-to-School can be so fun and exciting. New notebooks. Unstained backpacks. A box of pencils which have all their erasers.

    At Columbia Orthodontics we have added braces to a lot of students over the summer. This will be a time for them to show off those new braces.

    With all the great things, there are still anxieties. This is often especially true for children and parents of children undergoing orthodontic treatment.

    For parents, the end of summer and beginning of the school year is a time of excitement as they anticipate hearing about their child’s new classes, teachers and friends, not to mention the many activities in which their children will be involved.

    However, it is also a time for having less control and supervision over your child’s orthodontic hygiene and care.

    There are a lot of questions we get when school starts. We have tried to teach all of our patients exactly what they can eat with braces. Some, however, worry about how to keep food from getting stuck in the braces and being embarrassed at school.

    Another concern is what to do with the elastics while the student eats.  And the most common concern, “How do I keep from throwing away my retainer?”

    Hopefully most of you have come up with a “Plan of Action” so you can have a successful orthodontics year.

    fast-food-445581_640Here are some recommendations for your Orthodontic “Back-to-School Action Plan”

    • Bring a toothbrush to school –You can quickly swing past a restroom and prevent cavities/staining and bad breath.
    • Drink Water – Carry a water battle. Drinking water can neutralize acids in your mouth. If you don’t have time to use a toothbrush rinsing after you eat is a great idea.
    • Packing your lunch and snacks – This way you won’t be tempted to eat foods which you know you should be avoiding.
    • Emergencies – If a bracket breaks off during school and you are not in any pain or discomfort, you don’t need to get out of school to have it fixed. Just call your orthodontist to let them know, and they will advise you of the best way to handle it. If you are uncomfortable, they’ll be happy to accommodate you to make you comfortable until a repair appointment can be scheduled. Make sure you have WAX with you in case of a poking wire or irritation.
    • Retainers – Bring your retainer case with you to school. Make sure to always place the retainer in the case whenever it is out of your mouth, and make sure your retainer case is labeled or has a unique marking or pattern on it, to avoid accidentally mixing it up with your friend’s. Replacement retainers can be quite costly and it’s no fun to “Dumpster Dive” in the trash to look for your lost retainer! Ewwwwwww

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