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  • Keep Caring for Your Teeth

  • You'll stay on schedule to have beautiful teeth just by taking a little extra care.

    You’ll stay on schedule to have beautiful teeth just by taking a little extra care.

    You have done a lot of work to get the perfect smile. You wore your Invisalign aligner trays and cared for your teeth, and now your treatment is done. You came in to your appointments on schedule and followed Dr. Croft’s instructions. This does not mean that caring for your teeth is over. To keep your beautiful smile, you need to continue caring.

    Keep these things in mind when you think about your oral care routine.


    Many patients do require a retainer after Invisalign treatment. This will be based on your unique situation. If a retainer is recommended by Dr. Croft, use it as directed. Retainers prevent your teeth from shifting back into their original position. You should also avoid hard, crunchy foods for the first couple of weeks as your teeth adjust. For younger patients, retainers are normally used until the wisdom teeth come in or are extracted.

    Brushing and Flossing

    Brushing and flossing must be part of your daily oral care. Flossing helps remove the plaque, which becomes tartar or calculus. This build up can lead to gingivitis and gum disease. Your gums may be more sensitive for a week or two after your orthodontic work is completed. A warm salt water rinse may relieve discomfort.

    Your teeth may be slightly sensitive for a short time. They have been protected by your Invisalign aligner trays and now are fully exposed. You might want to try a sensitive toothpaste to get through the transition. Just ask; we will be glad to recommend the best type for your needs. If your teeth are stained, a professional whitening treatment can be considered.

    Regular Dental Checkups

    You still need to have regular dental exams. Professional cleanings and X-rays make sure that both your teeth and gums stay healthy so you can keep your teeth for life. If cavities or other problems are found, they can be taken care of quickly.

    If you have any concerns about your teeth, contact Dr. Croft.