• First Visits to Colombia Orthodontics An Easy Experience

  • We want all of our patients to be this grateful for their new smile.

    We want all of our patients to be this grateful for their new smile.

    Straight teeth and aligned jaws create nice smiles. On top of that, when your jaws and teeth are well aligned, it’s easier to chew food. Orthodontic care can even help prevent snoring!

    If you have decided now is the time for your or your child to get some orthodontist work done, we hope you come in to one of the three locations of Colombia Orthodontics. All of us try very hard to make every visit to us comfortable and a step toward the smile you want.

    It’s On Us

    So what can you expect when you come to our office? First, we offer your first visit to our office free of charge. In fact, you don’t even need a referral from a doctor who practices general dentistry. When you come to see us we will provide you with a complete examination, which includes digital photographs and radiographs to help you see just what kind of treatment your teeth need.

    Ready When You Are

    If Doctor Croft determines that treatment is needed we can even take molds of your teeth that day and begin treatment as soon as you’re ready. We want you to understand exactly what is going on with your teeth and exactly what we feel is necessary to help you get a better smile. We encourage you to ask any questions you have and we don’t want you to leave until they’re answered. Learn more about your first visit to our office by clicking here.