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  • Ultra wealthy people have some habits some of the rest of us don’t.

    • A report out of the UK suggests wealthy people are actually hiring dog nannies for up to $75,000 a year. Just like hiring a nanny for your child, a dog nanny will either live in your home or bring your dog to his or her place to walk, play, wash, feed, groom and even sleep with it.
    • A few wealthy women didn't want to stand in line at Disney World.

      A few wealthy women didn’t want to stand in line at Disney World.

      A group of rich Manhattan moms were reported to have hired handicapped tour guides so their wealthy children could cut lines at Disney World. The “black-market Disney guides” apparently ran $130 an hour, or $1,040 for an eight-hour day.

    • If you want to act like an ultra rich person, you need to enjoy activities like polo, croquet and collecting ascots. You can’t just stick a cowboy hat on your head and straddle a quarter horse.
    • Consider buying yourself some a couple chunks of semi-precious metal to use as cufflinks. Three or four thousand is plenty.
    • A doorman may be necessary is you want to wiggle yourself into high society.
    • Flying in your private jet.

    But just because someone is rich as per our tongue-in-cheek description doesn’t mean there aren’t things which are hard for them, too.

    You get the same treatment at Columbia Orthodontics whether you won a yacht or a row boat.

    You get the same treatment at Columbia Orthodontics whether you own a yacht or a row boat.

    For examples here are a few problem rich people deal with just like the regular folks.

    • Eating healthy. Just because you can afford healthy food doesn’t mean you don’t want sweets.
    • Working out. Just because you have all the equipment doesn’t mean your muscles don’t hurt and you wouldn’t sooner lay on the couch.
    • Gaining weight causes just as much anxiety if you have $300 jeans as it does for the folks buying jeans on sale at Ross.
    • Death of a loved one hurts regardless of your income.
    • Health problems come to wealthy people with better insurance.
    • Old age also comes to the ultra-rich.

    Another thing which we find across economic lines is the need for orthodontic services. If you want to be treated just like you would be if you had several billion dollars, come in to Columbia Orthodontics. We straighten your teeth just like we would someone with a 40 foot yacht and a private art collection.

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