• Cartoon Characters & Stars Have Their Teeth Straightened

  • What do Sharon Spitz, Chuckie Finster and Jimmy all have in common?

    If you guessed they are all cartoon characters, you would be correct.

    Sharon Spitz is the main character on Braceface. She has blond hair, green eyes and deals with friendship troubles, puberty and boyfriends.

    Chuckie Finster was the cute re-haired baby on Rugrats. He has red hair, purple glasses and a stepsister called Kimmie who is a lot braver than he is.

    Jimmy is a sweet and insecure little boy on the TV show Ed.

    Besides being cartoon characters, all of them wear braces.

    Cartoon stars aren’t the only famous folks who wear braces.

    Celebrities orthodontic need help to achieve those perfect smiles.  This is a list from elle.com of famous people

    Faith Hill

    Faith Hill rocked a set of braces at the Grammy Awards. As for why she has orthodontic gear now, Hill was honest about it. “I had braces as a kid. And I forgot to wear my retainer,” she confessed. “Kids, wear your retainer!”


    In parts of Asia teens are wearing Ugly Betty type fake braces as a fashion statement. Gwen Stefanie did the same in 1999. Stefanie admitted she had always wanted braces but couldn’t afford them as a child, so when she could she went and got them.

    Emma Watson was roaming the halls of Hogwarts as Hermione Granger she was  having her teeth straightened.

    When Emma Watson was roaming the halls of Hogwarts as Hermione Granger she was having her teeth straightened.


    Emma Watson wore them and then, just like magic, the Harry Potter star had straight teeth.


    In 2002 Tom Cruise wore mostly invisible braces with ceramic brackets. He had just turned 40.


    At the age of 61, Academy Award-winning actress Faye Dunaway decided to polish her glamorous image.


    Fantasia Barrino won American Idol in 2004. In 2008 Fantasia wore the braces for a year or so, at which point her smile straighter and brighter. But even as late as 2012, Fantasia was seen wearing braces (or at least a retainer) to keep her teeth in line.


    Over the years, Dakota Fanning has had some major dental including lots of missing teeth, pulled teeth, several retainers, multiple sets of braces, and an awkward halo-style headgear that she once wore on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

    Prince Harry

    Growing up in the in the British royal family, Prince Harry was always being photographed. And like his older brother, Prince William Prince Harry was often seen wearing a set of braces as a teenager.

    Miley Cyrus

    When your parents call you “Miley”—short for “smiley”—your teeth are obviously an important part of your personality.  When Miley needed braces as a teenager, she took a page from her Hannah Montana character. She wore lingual braces behind her teeth.

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