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  • Dr. Croft Can Show You All Your Brace Options

  • 1006302_604517942932603_1972035799_nYou may think that your teeth are solidly fixed in your mouth. We get this feeling because they don’t wobble around when we chew. The truth, however, is that all teeth can easily be moved if Dr. Croft. and the staff attach brackets and wires to them.

    In the past, all braces were made of stainless steel, but today’s advanced dental technology gives people the option of wearing transparent, acrylic mouth trays called Invisalign®, or relying on traditional metal braces for correcting malocclusions.

    Consistent, light pressure will gradually move the teeth in the direction of the force. For example, affixing brackets to front teeth and threading a flexible, metal wire through tiny slots on the front of the brackets allows the orthodontist to tighten this arch wire enough to initiate desired movement of teeth. Generally, orthodontic patients visit Columbia Orthodontics once a month to have this wire tightened to keep teeth moving in the desired direction.

    Tissues surrounding the teeth that experience pressure from arch wires will slowly stretch, and allow the socket to enlarge so the tooth and its root become looser temporarily. This allows the root to move without causing bleeding or pain.

    For a more detailed explanation, come in and speak directly to Dr. Croft. He is waiting for you.

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