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  • Children Are All Different and So Are Their Teeth

  • brothers-500634_640Your child has an orthodontic age as well as a chronological age. This is why it is impossible to say exactly when your child should come in for an orthodontic evaluation.

    Usually a good time to have your child evaluated by a qualified Vancouver, WA orthodontist is after the front permanent teeth have erupted into the mouth or if there appears to be extreme crowding of the teeth.

    The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children between the ages of seven and nine-years old should be evaluated by an orthodontist.

    There are times when an early developmental treatment can correct problems before they become serious. Usually, in these situations, there will be a need for a second phase of orthodontic treatment when all of the permanent teeth have erupted.

    Normally a full orthodontic treatment will be most beneficial between ages nine and 15. The average length of treatment is two years. We have seen shorter and longer treatment windows.

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