• Three Weeks to Thanksgiving

  • Virtual Thankful Jar

    virtual-thankful-jarWith only three weeks until Thanksgiving, it’s time to start getting in the mood for the Holidays!

    Although we should be thankful all the time, as a society we make a big push for being extra thankful this time of year.  In honor of that, we have put a Thankful Jar in our office for you to share with us the things you’re most thankful for!

    If you’re not coming into the office any time soon, you can leave a comment on our Facebook post to fill our “Virtual” Thankful Jar.  Click to leave a comment on our Facebook page here.

    Here are a few things we’ve gotten in the Thankful Jar so far:

    • A great boss
    • Friends and family
    • Good health
    • Pizza
    • Cupcakes
    • Sunshine

    Holiday Recipes

    Are you the one doing the cooking this Holiday season?  Start looking for recipes at some of our favorite recipe sites: