• Reminder About Wooden Nickels

  • Sometimes your braces are annoying…

    • They hurt
    • You get food stuck in them
    • You can’t eat everything you want to eat

    Sometimes, though, they can also be rewarding!

    Our Wooden Nickel Program rewards you for being a great patient.  Great patients do things like:

    • Arrive on time
    • Properly maintain their appliances and brackets
    • Floss and brush their teeth regularly
    • Wear their headgear, elastics, and other appliances faithfully

    So What Can You Do With Them?

    When you earn Wooden Nickels, you can trade them in for great prizes!

    • Gift cards to places like Starbucks, the movie theater, iTunes, Dairy Queen and more!
    • Tshirts
    • Jewelry
    • Toys

    So next time you put on your elastics, or attach your headgear… remember… Not only are you helping to create your new, more beautiful smile, you are also earning some great prizes!