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  • Post Halloween Tips for Teeth

  • Okay so you went trick or treating with your kids, and they got candy… LOTS of candy… a pillow case full of candy to be exact!

    If you’re like most parents, you’re going to let them indulge, but when you do, make sure you’re considering their dental health as well.

    columbia-ortho-halloween-tips-for-teethThis is one of the most important times for you to be ensuring that they:

    • Brush their teeth after any candy consumption
    • Brush their teeth before bed
    • Floss their teeth after candy consumption
    • Floss their teeth before bed
    • Use mouthwash at least one time each day

    If you follow these simple rules for good dental health, you and your children will be able to enjoy Halloween with out too much concern for your teeth.

    Interested in knowing what candies are best for people with braces?  Check out this list.

    • Plain M&M
    • Hershey Bars
    • Kit Kat Bar
    • Hershey Kisses
    • Three Musketeers
    • Malt Balls
    • Sweet Tarts
    • Peppermint Patties
    • Cookies and Cream
    • Snow Caps