• Orthodontics Vancouver WA – How Much Will Braces Cost?

  • When a person needs orthodontics care in Vancouver, WA he or she may have a lot of concerns. One of the biggest fears people have about braces isn’t the actual treatment; rather it has to do with how they are going to foot the bill. Although braces can help you get straighter teeth and a better smile, they do come with a price, for sure.

    The average cost of braces can vary depending on the exact treatment you need and the style of braces you choose. For example, metal braces are usually cheaper than ceramic or lingual braces.

    At Columbia Orthodontics in Vancouver we understand that most people have concerns about the cost of braces. That’s why we offer the best treatment at affordable prices. Even if cost is a concern, don’t let it stop you from getting the treatment you or a loved one needs.

    At Columbia Orthodontics we offer several payment plan options to fit the many different budgets of the patients we work with. We accept most insurance plans as well, and we do everything we can to make braces affordable and accessible for all those who need them. So don’t put off braces because of cost. Contact us and we can figure out a way to work with you.