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  • Looking for a Vancouver Orthodontist? Meet Dr. Croft

  • Braces, braces, braces. No one really wants to get them, but they help so many people in so many ways. Not only can braces straighten your teeth and give you a nicer smile, but the affects of that nicer smile can even help build your self esteem. So if it’s time to consider braces for you or your child, then you need to find the right orthodontist in Vancouver, WA.
    At Columbia Orthodontics, we’re all about cool smiles and that begins at the top with Dr. Robert Croft. Dr. Croft has been practicing orthodontics in the southwest Washington area since 1997. He has three degrees to his credit, including a Bachelor’s degree, a Doctor of Dental Surgery and a Masters degree; Specialty Certification in Orthodontics.
    Dr. Croft not only has the education and experience, but he also cares about his patients. He knows that it’s his patients that make his practice and he strives to give each and every one of them the time, care and attention they need, to get the results they want.
    Dr. Croft is also a family man, being the married father of four children; he works to make Columbia Orthodontics a family friendly environment for everyone who walks through the doors. Click here to learn more about Dr. Croft and Columbia Orthodontics.