• Braces Battle Ground WA – Suffering From Jaw Pain?

  • Do you suffer recurring face and neck pain? Maybe you have unexplained headaches on a regular basis and nothing seems to really help. There are many different reasons people can suffer from these symptoms but one of the most common causes is a problem with your Temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is also known as Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD).
    TMJ or TMD is a very painful disorder, which can cause a person several problems. At Columbia Orthodontics we can give you a complete exam, including evaluating your TMJ and determining which treatment is best for you. Your Temporomandibular joint is connected to both your skull and lower jawbone and it gets a lot of use everyday as you eat, speak, yawn and swallow. Some of the symptoms of TMD include pain in the jaw and/or neck, frequent headaches, swelling in the face and locked jaw.
    If you think you might be suffering from TMJ or TMD then you might want to come by and see us at Columbia Orthodontics. Click here to learn more about TMJ/TMD. Of course, we are also about cool smiles so if you need braces in Battle Ground WA, or any other types of orthodontic care then contact us at 360-883-3800.