• Time for Braces in Vancouver WA?

  • If you have been considering getting braces in Vancouver WA, but you’re like most people then you probably have a lot of questions, including what kind of appliances braces involve.
    In order to ensure that braces are effective patients have to properly and consistently wear and use different appliances. There are several kinds of appliances Dr. Croft may use in your treatment depending on your individual needs. Some of them include:
    ·         Forsus Springs – these are set in your mouth to move your upper teeth back and your lower teeth forward. Typically patients wear them for four to six months.
    ·         Palatal Expander – this expands your upper jaw with continuous gentle pressure until it reaches the desired location. Once your jaw is in the desired location you wear the expander for a few months to solidify the expansion.
    ·         Rubber Bands – perhaps the most common appliance for braces, rubber bands help improve the fit of both your upper and lower teeth. It’s very important to wear them properly if you want to get the best results.
    ·         Retainers – they help hold your teeth in place after they have been straightened. Retainers are sometimes fixed and other times removable.
    You can learn more about the different appliances that are used with braces in Vancouver WA, by clicking here.