• Mother’s Day Contest WINNERS~!

  • Congratulations to our Mother’s Day Contest winners!
    wrote about how much she loves her Mom for helping her have the
    opportunity to have a beautiful smile through orthodontic treatment!  Boy, you can sure tell they’re related, huh?  What a great picture, Brittany!
    sang the praises of her Grandma ~ Here’s a tidbit of her sweet words:
    I believe My GRANDMA is the best mom to ever bless this earth! My grandma has always been the one person who has been there for not only me, but my entire family. When I was 11, my grandma took me in. I was given an opportunity to play sports, go to a great school, and finally have some stability. My grandma was diagnosed with cancer for the second time shortly after I moved in and was told the chances of surviving ovarian cancer were slim, and I would most likely not only loose my grandma in this fight, but all my stability as well. We prayed every night for her recovery and sure enough, 7 year later, she is cancer free! She was able to see me graduate high school, college, get married and just recently have my first child! She truly has saved my life & made me the person I am today!!!! ❤
    Brittany & Courtney:
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    Well done, ladies!
    Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Moms.