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    Soft Food for Sore Teeth

    What do YOU eat when your mouth is sore?
    Here’s what other patients are eating to help occasional discomfort:

    *I ate lots of stuff like ramen noodles, beans, rice, yogurt, mini corn dogs. for breakfast you could try oatmeal (which i hate but some ppl don’t) or grits or microwaved waffles.

    *I got braces 2 days ago. I’ve pretty much been eating: Smoothies, soup, and ice-cream.

    *Oatmeal: put it in a food processor first and it’ll turn into a powder but you probably don’t need to do that if you have instant oats. cook it and add milk, sugar, maple syrup, brown sugar or something sweet and it’ll taste good.

    *I suggest mac and cheese!!! Also, mashed potatoes, pudding, applesauce, yogurt, soggy cereal, cheesecake, hot cocoa.

    *Peanut butter sandwhiches(cause i dont like jelly), grilled cheese, quesadillas, soup for dinner(yumm..!), scrambled egges or an egg sandwhich for breakfast…good luck.. mine only hurt for bout a week… =)

    COLUMBIA ORTHO SAYS: It is important to strive for a balance of protein and fiber since the temptation is to stick with foods like juice, which do not provide the necessary nutrition. To get more fiber make smoothies with whole fresh fruit, and eat soft fruits such as bananas. Brown rice or other whole grains can be eaten as well, as long as they are thoroughly cooked. Some patients prefer to puree substances like these, to ensure that grains do not get stuck in the mouth. Protein can be provided in the form of carefully cut-up eggs and dairy products, along with nutrition drinks. These beverages may not always taste superb, but they are packed with nutrition. Some other choices include yogurt, thin soups, broth, soft fruit, sorbet, ice cream, pudding, Jell-O®, and well-cooked rice. Cold foods like ice cream and sorbet can help with mouth pain, while pureed foods and drinks are easy to make.

    Remember -discomfort lasts days,
    your beautiful, new smile will last a LIFETIME!